We need to add a new user. How do we do this?

As an IPRIS client, we are delighted to offer all of our clients an unlimited amount of users. In addition, we can also provide our clients two different user access levels.

Full Access User

A Full Access User is the highest level user we offer. Under this access level, the user will be able to view the portfolio, run reports, add notes to cases and most importantly, provide renewal instructions.

Read Only Access User 

In addition, we offer our client Read Only Access Users. These users have all the same abilities of a Full Access User, except that they CANNOT provide Renewal Instructions (i.e. they cannot renew, set to auto-renew, delay, provide other channel instructions or abandon a case).

Once you have decided what level access you would like your new user to be, send the below details to our Customer Support team.

Users First Name

Users Surname:

Users Email Address: 

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