Last Instructions History

The Last Instruction and Last Instruction History sections have been added to the IPRIS client portal to assist clients to check on and track recent and prior instructions for a given renewal.

How to access Last Instructions

The Last instruction section can be viewed by selecting any case in your portfolio.

After selecting a case you will be taken to the case details page, which lists the IPRIS Reference number and details about the case.

As you scroll down the case details page, you will see the Last Instruction and Last Instruction history sections at the bottom of the page

What can be tracked

What can be tracked is the instruction date, instruction type, who instructed the renewal, instruction cost, invoice number, and invoice status as shown below. The Last Instruction section presents the most recent instruction that has been given for the case.


Over time, as additional instructions are given for the renewal when they come due, you will be able to see a full log of historic instructions processed for the case. As you can see from the Instruction History section below, the example shows that prior to the last ‘Renew’ instruction an ‘Other channels’ instruction was provided: